Organisational learning

An interesting discussion with Isaiah today.

We spoke about keeping Hillz FM going, and how this can happen if volunteers conceive their participation firstly as part of a whole and not for individual reasons. From this the idea that knowledge becomes shared because volunteers are thinking about the benefits for the station of as many people as possible knowing the same things. Isaiah’s concerns stemmed from a problem that I am sure many organisations suffer from. When a person with much of the intimate knowledge of how systems works leaves, replacing that knowledge is difficult. This person should be sharing their knowledge across the volunteer base to ensure they are not missed when they are absent or leave.

How to do this is much harder as it requires more group thinking, more time together, and people are busy. This is why DJ meetings, which happen monthly, are valuable. I also suggested that DJs coming a little earlier for their shows to chat and share knowledge with each other, or changes to the schedule which might force volunteers who might never really meet to chat. New people perhaps might create new opportunities.

Ultimately this might be about keeping the station fresh – fresh thinking and fresh sounding. But to do this everyone must be onboard!

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