Hillz FM

Hillz FM is a community radio station in Hilfields in Coventry. It broadcasts on 98.6FM 24/7.

Volunteer broadcasters will be undertaking interviews with people who may have something to say for our project. These people are identified by volunteer broadcasters and local connections as well as through the literature on the area.

These people might include long-term residents, those who have worked in the voluntary sector in Hilfields, musicians and artists working in the area, as well as academics, policy workers and community qworkers active in the area. Included are representatives from communities, including the Afro-Caribbean community, those living on welfare, immigrants, those poorly housed and so on. We may explore the issues these people have experience of at a later date as themes and questions emerge.

The rationale for encouraging broadcasters to conduct interviews is that they know the area and its history. In particular the resident DJs have lived the community’s relationship with the political economy of the Hillfields, Coventry, the West Midlands and UK, posing questions in semi-strucutred and unstructured interviews from this intimate knowledge. The first interview is also discussed here.

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