The Community Development Projects were set up by the Home Office in 1969 as Britain’s first ‘War on Poverty’ and action research project. The first four areas, Hillfields (Coventry), Southwark (South London), Upper Afan (Glamorgan) and Liverpool, started in 1970. The next four projects, Benwell (Newcastle), Newham (East London), Batley (West Yorkshire), Cleator Moor (Cumbria)were established in 1971-72, with  the final four projects Paisley (Scotland), Saltley (Birmingham), North Shields (North Tyneside), Oldham (Lancashire) the following year.

By the time the project was closed in 1978 the twelve area teams had come together to set up an Intelligence and Information Unit and were committed to publishing their data. Kathy Henderson designed the more journalistic presentation style of the publications which ensured a wider readership of the academic studies.

Below are PDFs of some of the reports and photographs taken for the reports. Hard copies may be obtained from Judith Green: 85-87 Adelaide Terrace Newcastle-upon Tyne England NE4 8BB   Better quality PDFs, especially for the images, are available from Sue Hyatt’s project.

Aims Of Industry51.8 MiB410
Back Street Factory23.8 MiB373
Batley Final Report23.3 MiB602
Cost Of Industrial Change66.6 MiB320
Coventry Report Part One51.7 MiB383
Coventry Report Part Two69.2 MiB366
Cutting Welfare State30.0 MiB279
From Failure To Facelift42.5 MiB367
Gilding The Ghetto36.3 MiB283
Government Against Poverty18.9 MiB447
Growth Decline Benwell Photograph Collection84.3 MiB446
Inter-Project Report16.0 MiB218
Letter Hillfields Photographer907.6 KiB228
Limits Of The Law37.3 MiB237
Local Government Becomes Big Business3.8 MiB245
Making Of A Ruling Class73.6 MiB472
Myth of Area Improvement35.1 MiB239
North Shields: Living With Industrial Change90.1 MiB775
North Shields: Organising For Change55.1 MiB218
North Shields: Women's Work13.7 MiB578
North Shields: Working Class Politics8.6 MiB1146
Oldham Final Report44.7 MiB326
Permanent Unemployment54.8 MiB217
Poverty Of The Improvement Programme6.9 MiB204
Private Housing Report63.5 MiB446
Profits Against Houses Report6.6 MiB221
Southwalk Final Report12.6 MiB204
State And Local Economy Report49.5 MiB212
Whatever Happened To Council Housing?61.6 MiB214
Youth On The Dole13.5 MiB217