Blakemore Sessions at Coventry University

Our summer project began with John Blakemore giving two days’ of masterclasses to the students of photography at Coventry University. John’s focus is on the art of the printer – and in an era of digital imaging and software filters the art of using chemicals and light may be forgotten.







Using Coventry University’s equipment John produced a series of photographs about life in Hillfields from the negatives he has kept since he lived on Vernon Street in the 1960s as well as some of his more well known artistic work on tulips where he uses the printer’s art to create effects.







Thanks to Imagine, Heritage Lottery Fund at FarGo Village and Arts Council Funding, we will begin to explore how the future for Hillfields is represented: who is in on these conversations, how do they happen and what is the balance of power between planners, residents, policy makers and workers? Jason Tilley is currently starting a new body of social history photographs as a response to John Blakemore’s 1960’s photographs of Hillfields. This project, called 100 images, will seek to capture Hillfields life as Jason sees it, but also as it is presented to him. John’s and Jason’s images will sit opposite each other in the FarGo exhibition in August this year.

Other work at the exhibition will include Nick Stone’s images of Hillfields past and present and a retrospective of Richard Sadler’s early work in Hillfields with photographs taken form the 1950s. We will also be including a series of events to examine other ways the area has been thought of: including film and student exhibitions, walks, lectures and debates.

Images courtesy of Emma Lambert.

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